Why Organic Search is So Important to Eliminate Buyer Fears

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As the owner of an eCommerce website you may wonder how in this information age people are still terrified to shop online. When you work on the organic search aspect of your site, you can help to address those issues one at a time. Here is some additional advice from our friends over at onQsites.com.  Look them up when you need SEO in Charleston SC.

Charleston SEOA big concern for many people is where their credit card details will be available and what people may do with them if they do get hold of them. The risk of credit card fraud can deter many people from purchasing online. Always make sure that you are dealing with a well-known and respected payment processor that is trusted, you may also want to give people other payment options if they do not wish to pay via credit card and always let them know what is being done to protect them against credit card fraud if you are taking payments online.

Some people have been stung by purchasing a product online and then never receiving it because the person selling the products was actually scamming them. Address this with organic search. Photos of the product often aren’t enough either because there are plenty of photos available on the internet that one can use on their business website without actually having the product themselves. Testimonials from other satisfied customers can help – this becomes even more effective if there are audio or video recordings of the client to prove it is a real person. Money back guarantees may also help here and always give as many contact details as you can so that people find it easy to get hold of you.

If you are selling downloadable products on your eCommerce website then another fear you may face is the fear of downloading a virus or spyware with your product. Test your products to make sure there is no virus or malware that has got attached and let your customers know how it has been tested and use organic search to tell your buyers this. Encourage them to protect themselves by promoting good internet security products and preferably some they can get for free. This helps to show that you have nothing to hide and are encouraging them to test it for themselves.

Purchasing online can be a fearful experience for some people. Make their purchase decision easier by including a clear privacy policy, testimonials, and clear instructions and information on your free website. Try to take the fear out of online buying for them if you run an eCommerce website.