about usList Building is one of the top skills your marketing company will utilize to get your traffic flow increasing.

Your list is not a simple list of email addresses. Your list is a list community, made up of real people with real minds and hearts.

Does size matter? Well, yes and no. Of course you want your list to be as large as you can grow it. At the same time, don’t fall for the trap that says your list has to be a certain size in order for you to start your business. Every single list started with one.

What would you rather have? A list of 100,000 names that are not very responsive to you, or a list of 1,000 who are hyper-responsive to you, buying just about everything you offer? Just in case you are wondering, the correct answer is 1,000 hyper-responsive people.

When it comes to your opt in page, the less you ask for the more you get. How’s that again? Don’t ask for too much information when asking someone to join your list. All you really need is the first name and the email address.

But what if you want more information? Follow up with an email or auto-responder. Remember, the less you ask for the more you get.

When you take good care of your list community, your list community will take great care of you.

Want more people to join your list community? Offer them something for free that is so cool they respond with “I gotta have that!” No one wants another newsletter subscription. Give them something they can use right away that solves a pressing problem for your prospect.

You’ve heard it said a thousand times online: “the money is in the list.” I’m here to tell you that is not true, unless all you want to do is pound your list with an offer every day until they unsubscribe. The reality is the money, and so much more, is in your relationship with your list community.